Here Are the Goodies


ere Are The Goodies is the inspiration of Mom and daughter team, Annette and Margaux from Pasadena, CA. 
The name came from a video tour of a party set-up that Margaux helped her Mom with when she was 5-years-old. In the video, Margaux is pointing out all the delightful food and fun decorations for the party when, getting to the counter with the desserts, she sweeps her hand across them and very seriously proclaims, “...and here are the goodies.”

Annette and Margaux have been making goodies together ever since. Annette has a special event production background and years as a small business owner in Los Angeles with a floral design studio, stationery store and cafe as part of her brick and mortar resume. Margaux is a self-taught cook, baker and artist who is still very much the little girl who takes creating and presenting goodies very seriously.

Here Are The Goodies has a homemade philosophy that is really simple. Everything is made with very few and fresh ingredients and no preservatives. That’s OK because usually the goodies don’t last long once they are delivered. Our graduation boxes were a huge success and now our holiday goodie boxes are our featured product. There will be much more to come so stay tuned!